Dok P Activated Charcoal Powder (with Dok F Fulvic Mineral)


Dok P Activated charcoal powder is an active agent for absorption of chemical substance that are harmful to the body such as germs, viruses, toxins, wound secretion and other products of infection. For internal and external uses.


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Ingredients: hardwoods, coconut woods, shells and Dok F Fulvic Minerals.

How to make Poultice?

Step 1: Mix Dok P with clean water to produce paste.
Step 2: Wrap the paste with clean cotton or clothe. See to it that the paste shall cover the wound or affected parts.
Step 3: Place on top of the wounds or affected parts the wrapped paste and cover it with cellophane to prevent exposure.
Step 4: Hold the poultice in place using plaster or elastic bandage.
Step 5: Replace every 8 hours. Throw away the waste powder.

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